Da Nang Travel – An Exotic destination in Central Vietnam

Travel to Da Nang is one of the first wonderful choice for travelling for visitors love nature, and pleasure for shopping especially an ideal place for relaxing on summer holiday on nice sandy beach stretch along the coast.

There are many reasons for choosing “Danang Travel and Tours” first in Central Vietnam:


First is for the romantic landscapes, just far from city center 40km, Ba Na Hill is a great experience for visitors to catch the cable car to enjoy the natural sightseeing from the high as well as the cool climate of this forest even you can experience four seasons in one day when you get there. A very wonderful site for both honeymooner, nature and entertainment lovers.

Second is the famous Marble Mountain just about 5km to the East-south of the city. It symbols for five elements where you can explore many beautiful caves, pagodas inside the mountains in combination see more traditional handicraft village of stone right on the foot of mountain.

Third once you come this city on Da Nang tour you should not miss My Khe Beach where is famous for long sandy beach stretch along the coast with blue sea water or Bai But beach right the foot of Son Tra Peninsular. It is wonderful for relaxing and swimming on emerald water.

Final Da Nang has famous markets where is the paradise shopping for visitors once staying at this beach city. Han and Con markets give you variety products from seafood to special foods of the city. You can choose and buy many special foods for gift after the trip here. In addition, Da Nang offers you many special cuisines of this region that makes you an unforgettable trip. Let come and discover this tourism city which brings you the most comfort.


Explore Danang with its Heritage and Culture

Da nang is a beautiful place in Vietnam. Because of its beauty travelers are going on attracting towards this beautiful place. For this reason only it has became one of the economic zones of the country. It was rich in culture economy and tourism. This city was continuously developing as beautiful tourist destination in Asia. There are many beautiful destination to be explore during Da nang Tour are

Cham Museum:

download (1)Cham Museum was mainly situated in the intersection of Bach Dang streets and Trung Nu Vuong. It was one the most important place of Danang which was built in the year of 1915.

The museum has the most extensive collection of Cham art in the whole world. 300 and many more number of original sculptures is there including Hindu icons of lord Shiva, elephants, garudas and lions

Marble Mountains: images (7)

Marble mountains are mainly consisting of five mountains standing beside to each other. They are also known as five elements Thuy Son (water), referred to the highest of them all; Kim Son (metal); Tho Son (soil); Hoa Son (fire); and Moc Son (wood).

The peaks of these mountains are also known for the pilgrim place in Vietnam consist several Buddhist temples.

Han Market:

images (8)Han Market is mainly known for its myriad items. You can get great deals on these items in Han Market. Han Market is one of the biggest markets among the other 50 markets in Danang. The 2-storey building was beautifully designed with the help of new technology so that to organized each and every division of commodities. Customers can ensure for a efficient and convenient experience of shopping. Every commodity in this market starting from flowers, fresh fruits, fabric and footwear, are sold at very minimum prices.

Seafood dishes:

shrimp-stockDanang is also known for its sea food dishes. My Khe Beach is best place for it. There you can also enjoy the beautiful sea view with amazing sea food dishes in the restaurants.

Get attracted by the wonderful destinations in your Da Nang tour

If you are interested to travel to offshore destinations, which are sure to dawdle in your memories forever, then you should consider Da Nang tour without any hesitancy. This place is famous for ecological reasons and the appeal of natural beauty which the place provides. You should hire the specialty travel firms who are well versed in such tours. Top providers offers such Eco-nature travel by providing its clients plenteous opportunity to travel these destinations such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. With a top-class travel specialist you could choose to stay in deluxe lodging or opt for standard hotels at discounted rates. You can also avail the facilities of staying on a cruise boat, with your entire family.


The beautiful nature blessed Da Nang lies among adjacent area of three World famous Cultural Heritages: Hue, Hoi An Ancient Town and My Son Sanctuary. So, it highlights the role of Da Nang city in tourism development. It is where the reception, serving, transferring customers happen. Not only is the heart of three world heritages, Da Nang also has many beautiful landscapes which visitors can barely forget after traveling to this coastal city.

Da Nang has craggy Hai Van Pass, which is also called “the most grandiose landscape”. It also has an ideal destination for tourists, which is known as Son Tra Peninsula. Under Son Tra foot are BaiBac, Bai But, Bai Nom, Bai Rang, where tourists can have amazing feelings when engulfed in the grandeur of the sunrise and the tranquil of sunset in an-enchanting area. Besides it has Dalat, Sapa of Central Vietnam with two world records. There is also the legendary Marble Mountains or “Wonder of Vietnam.”


In Da Nang, you can’t avoid the Han River and the Han River Bridge – the first swing-bridge in Vietnam – and the pride of citizen. The beauty of this coastal city and its people’s hospitality have made this place to become a more frequent destination for domestic and international tourists. The Bridge is a symbol of new life, the growing inspirations of the city, built by all citizen’s contributions. You will feel like all the poetic beauty of Han River is only flawlessly uncovered in windy and cool South River Bridge area. The bridge is not only more convenient for tourism, transportation, economic potential of a vast land in the eastern city but also a culture mark of Da Nang today sending to their posterity.


Da Nang beach is also an attractive source of inspiration for Da Nang tour industry. The beach here is very clean, lovely with blue water. Tourists can both swim and listen to great songs about Da Nang.

Hire one of the best service providers to assist you for the trip. Popular tour providers have capacity to make the most effective arrangements and help clients get the most attractive tour packages. Choose a best tour service provider who can provide you a fully-designed travel plan to experience the regions in and around Da Nang.

This place in Vietnam is renowned for its wildlife, culture, and ecology, apart from its tourism. The close venues of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi yield an amazing atmosphere for its travelers to unwind with a hassle-free tour. An experienced tour specialist of Danang tours can make you familiarized with all the spectacular lands and the enchanting white sand beaches in this area. If you are a beach lover, then you must choose accommodations in the areas of Bai Rang, Bai But, and BaiNamnestle.


You can also visit the Marble Mountains, which are situated around 9 km from Danang. The local people are so hospital and friendly that several tourists have started empowering on its landscapes.

What are you thinking of? Plan your tour today! For more information regarding this trip, don’t hesitate to contact us.We will assist you as much as possible.